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Corporate Wellness


Todays evidence is overwhelming that workplace wellness has a direct correlation to not only health care cost but better morale, lower absenteeism, and higher productivity.  In many cases, as outlined in the white paper below, companies experience as much as a 6:1 ROI in wellness programs.  In addition, companies with fundamental wellness programs have higher employee retention, lower training cost due to turnover, and an ability to recruit better talent. According to a study by the World Economic Forum, a company is four times more likely to experience a loss of talented workers in the next year if employees are not satisfied with the welness promotion at work.


Keystone can impliment a wellness program customized to your organizations needs without the cost of full-time wellness staff.  Building and growing a successful comapny starts with a productive team. That team has to be operaring at peak wellness to gernerate results.


Corporate Wellness Programs


Download our white paper: Wellness as a Strategic Business Advantage


Individual Wellness


Taking personal responsibility for your Health and Wellness is key to success.  Wellness starts with Nutrition and incorporates proper diet, a supplimentation plan, and physical activity daily.  Keystone works with each client to customize a wellness plan that focuses on specific goals and coaches to attainable results.


Everyone should be on a daily suppliment and Keystone uses and endorses AdvoCare Metabolic Nutritional System and Spark as a foundation for wellness.


Dana will Coach you free through a 24 Day Challenge to jump start your wellness.





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