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Keystone‘s primary method of communication with clients is via telephone. Keystone can be accessed via email, but due to the un-secure nature of email and HIPPA regulations personal issues or treatment will not be discussed over email.


Keystone counselors can be reached during normal business hours and after hour calls will only be accepted during an emergency. Keystone counselors will not accept calls on personal cell phones or calls when they are out of the office unless previous arrangements have been made for very unique situations. If a crisis situation occurs after normal business hours, please dial 911 or refer to the Resources section of this website for additional treatment sources.


Please note any after hour phone calls are subject to billing at a rate of $50.00 per 15-minute period.


When you schedule an appointment at Keystone we dedicate that time to focus on you and your personal needs. Counseling appointments are 45 minutes in length, which also include administrative items such as billing and scheduling your following-up appointments. Couples and families can schedule for a longer session if needed and you should speak directly with your therapist to coordinate those personal requirements.


Keystone counselors are dedicated to your care and ask that you be proactive in your treatment plan. Clients should arrive prepared to discuss their most critical issues in order to make the most of their session time. Delaying any important topics you want to discuss until the end of your scheduled time will only impede your progress. Counseling is a joint effort and Keystone therapists are ready to meet your needs.


Appointment Cancellations
Keystone understands that the stresses of daily life may require you to reschedule an appointment and we ask that you do this as far in advance as possible. If you must miss an appointment at the last minute, please refer to appointment cancellations for Keystone’s policy.


Keystone requires that you give at least 24 business hours notice for any appointment you cannot keep. Cancellations will not be accepted via email.  Due to the fact that Keystone is unable to fill appointments that are canceled last minute, you will be billed for any missed appointments or those canceled within 24 hours notice. If you have any questions, please discuss this directly with your counselor.


Payment and Billing
Due to the personal nature of Keystone’s service, we only accept cash or check. Keystone’s therapists have chosen NOT to participate in insurance networks and will not file insurance claims on your behalf. You are responsible for understanding your insurance coverage, which may require a call to your insurance company prior to your first visit. Your employer may offer EAP, employee assistance program, coverage to you or your family members. Keystone will not communicate directly with you insurance company or file any claims on your behalf. You may choose to file claims directly with your carrier and receive reimbursement payments directly.


Clients are expected to make payment in full at the time of service.


PLEASE NOTE - Keystone is a consortium of independent practitioners licensed in South Carolina and each provider operates as an independent contractor under a separate Limited Liability Company. Payments will be made directly to provider at time of service and checks will be made out to independent therapist Limited Liability Corporation. Make check payable to:


Keystone for Dana Saunders
Middle Path Therapy Center for Jim Moran


Refer to Forms for a printable version of Keystone’s Policies and Procedure.




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