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Corporate Wellness
The benefits of maintaining a wellness program in the workplace are well documented and can be referenced in the paper Wellness as a Strategic Business Advantage.  



Keystone specializes in implimenting a wellness program for small companies that do not have the resources for a full-time onsite health staff. Programs are scalable and will be customized to to meet the employee's needsby following the following strategic process:

CEO / Senior Executive Support

Wellness programsdon’t have nearly the impact

or longevity of those programs that are driven

from the  top-down. Educating senior executives

and forming a strategy for sustained wellness

is part of every company plan.

Create a Wellness Team

Teams are essential  to building great wellness programs because they help to distribute the responsibility for wellness throughout the organization. Naturally selecting team members is key to sustained wellness.

Collect Data to Drive Wellness Goals

     A combintion of corporate culture audits,

health risk appraisals, and knowledge and interest surveys are used to devlope programs for

sustained wellness.

Developing a Wellness Operating Plan

Data and budget will be used to create an plan

to serve as the roadmap to guide the company’s efforts towards sustained wellness. 

Implimenting Wellness Interventions

Nutrition always kicks off a wellness program, but other interventions such as tobacco cessation, physical activity, weight management, self-care, fatigue management and stress management may be implimented for sustained wellness.

Creating a Supportive Environment

Implimenting policies, physical modifications,

and rewards and incentives are customized

for sustained wellness.

Businesses of all sizes can take control of health care cost, sick time, and employee retention through creating a culture of wellness.
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