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Why nutrition? It’s simple. Physical and emotional wellness star with nutrition. According to Doctor Joel Fuhrman, internationally recognized expert on nutrition, 70% of disease today is caused by life choices that are preventable through nutrition. Telling someone to exercise when they have no energy and “feel bad” will not change behavior.


Providing guidance and coaching to implement proper nutrition, as well as implementing a nutritional supplement plan, will increase their energy level and provide mental focus to promote physical behavioral changes. 


Why supplements? Dr. Fuhrman concludes that 61% of the American diet consists of processed foods high in oils, sugar and flour. Processed foods do not have one tenth the nutrients found in their natural organic state. The assumption that you could solve this problem by simply eating fresh whole foods is not true in today’s market.


The food industries mass production of fruits and vegetables is a contributing factor to poor nutrition. According to the Journal of Food and Science, more than eighty-five studies since 1980 comparing nutrients in conventional foods conclude that yield-enhanced methods tend to decrease nutrient concentrations in fresh foods. The food industry has implemented systems dependent on high nitrogen fertilization rates to produce faster growth, bigger fruit, and larger average cell size but create a “dilution effect”. 


Dilution, first reported in Advances in Agronomy, 1981, creates higher production yields but dilutes the concentration of vitamins, antioxidants, and flavor. This evidence concludes that even after making smart food choices, while consuming the proper daily caloric intake, supplements play a vital role in bridging the nutritional gap required for cells to produce proper energy.


Simply stated, even consuming the proper daily caloric intake of fresh fruits and vegatable will not provide your body the required nutients for optimal performance.  Without required nutrients, your brain has the inablity to function properly and control cravings. 


Time Magazine: Eating Your Veggies: Not as Good for You


Organic Authority: Declining Nutritional Value of Produce



Solution?  A well balanced diet with a supplimentation plan to bridge the gaps in required nutrition.


Keystone uses and endorses Advocare products.  Jumpstart your wellness by taking a 24 Day Challenge and recieve meal planning guides and coaching to gaurentee success.




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