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Keystone was founded 2003 in order to provide a higher level of personal service and attention to detail in a comfortable, private, and professional setting. We believe from the minute you enter our office you will feel at home and relaxed.   




Keystone specializes in individual, marriage, and family therapy. Our counselors are committed to a treatment plan that works for your situation and your life.  All aspects of your care, from scheduling to therapy to billing, will be handled directly by you and your counselor.

Keystone is confident we can provide the level of care and treatment you are looking to receive. If Keystone cannot meet your needs, we will use our vast resources to find you a solution that meets your specific requirements.


Executive / Concierge


Lets face it, when you've reached the top of your profession it's hard to ask for support and difficult to find discrete knowledgable counsel. Dana has built her reputation on helping professionals understand the demands that come with balancing family life and the pressure of running a successful comapny.


Our concierge service comes to your location to provide individual or family counseling service around your busy schedule.

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