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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect during my first session at Keystone?  
Keystone highly recommends that you print and complete your paperwork prior to arriving at your first session.  If you have not printed and completed your paperwork ahead of time, be prepared to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Your first session at Keystone will include a full history, your reasons for seeking counseling, and establishing a treatment plan and goals.  Based on your history and treatment plan, the therapist may begin working on your treatment plan during this session.  Remember, therapy is not a single appointment solution.  It takes time and work to make life long changes.


What should I bring with me to my appointments at Keystone?
After your first session at Keystone, your therapist will inform you of anything specific that needs to be brought with you to your appointment.  It is helpful to have a list of your medications and any previous counseling experience.


How long do therapy sessions last at Keystone?  
Personal therapy sessions are typically scheduled for 45-50 minutes.  This time includes time it takes to pay for services and schedule follow-up appointments. Couples session are typically 60-80 minutes in length.  Executive coaching can be scheduled per client need.  All clients can request a longer session.


What should I do if I need to cancel my appointment at Keystone?
Keystone requires 24 business hours notice for cancellation of all appointments.  Please refer to Cancellation page for specific details. 


How long will I have to be in therapy at Keystone?  
The length of your therapy at Keystone is unknown before you meet with a counselor, complete an assessment, and the counselor develops a treatment plan to meet your needs.  Therapy is a process by which you develop insight into how you want to handle life’s situations with the help and guidance of a professional.  Some people come in and seek very solution focused treatment that has one issue and a very specific end date for treatment.  Other types of therapy involve more time and depend on the severity of the issue and the frequency of the treatment. You and your therapist will discuss these variables during your first session.


How do I know if I need individual or couples counseling?  
Anytime you AND your partner are considering therapy it is best to start out treatment together IF the issues are about the relationship.  This allows the therapist to get to know you equally and remain neutral.  If your partner is unwilling to come to therapy, then you can still make great strides in working on relationship issues in individual therapy.  If your issues are more personal and you recognize that you will not be able to be open and honest with your therapist while someone else is in the room, you may want to seek individual counseling until you are more comfortable in those areas.


If my child is in counseling at Keystone do I have to be there?  
Parents are required to attend the first initial assessment.  Paperwork must be completed and signed, which can be printed from this website, and a full history is taken from parents at this initial session.  After the initial session your therapist will talk to you about your required involvement in each session.  As a minimum, plan on being available to the therapist the last 5 minutes of your child’s session so that you can discuss any concerns, homework assignments, schedule future appointments, and make any necessary payments.


Can we bring a child to our individual or marriage session at Keystone?  
Keystone understands that childcare may be difficult at times, but we do not allow children to attend sessions or be left in the waiting area of the office unattended.  Keystone believes that children are very perceptive and understand their situation and their surroundings very well.  Keystone takes great care not to expose them to issues that are too big for them to handle. You will get the most out of the session if you are able to talk freely and your therapist can talk openly with you.  Sometimes infants need to stay with parents due to breastfeeding and other issues. However, before bringing an infant to any session it must be discussed and approved by your individual therapist.


What are your fees at Keystone?  
Keystone will be glad to discuss our fee schedule for all types of services with you on a phone call. Keystone is not contracted with any insurance providers.  You will be responsible for the costs of your services at each session.  A Superbill will be provided for you to personally file your insurance claims and be reimbursed directly according to your individual insurance benefits. 


Do you have a sliding scale fee schedule at Keystone? 
Keystone Counseling does not have a sliding scale fee schedule. 


Can I pay with credit card or bank check at Keystone? 
No.  Keystone only accepts cash or checks for payment of services.


Do I need to call my insurance company prior to my first appointment at Keystone?  
Yes.  It is always in your best interest to notify your insurance company that you have an appointment scheduled with one of our therapists.  This allows you to make sure your policy has out of network coverage and acquire any pre certifications or pre authorizations that are required by your insurance company.  If your insurance company requires pre certification or authorization, YOU must obtain these or the insurance company has the right to refuse reimbursement.  Keystone is not contracted with any insurance provider so you will be responsible for payment of your services.  However, knowing your benefits and attaining authorization can help you receive reimbursement more quickly.


What are your counselor’s specialties at Keystone?  
Keystone therapists are trained to work with many clinical diagnoses.  Our office can offer specialized services for children ages 6 and up, couples, and individual treatment for adolescents, teens and adults.  Keystone’s treatment includes but is not limited to Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Personality Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and Conduct Disorders.  Each of Keystone’s therapists has a particular area of interest and they are trained to make referrals to other agencies if we cannot treat your current situation.


Are there any clients that Keystone does not treat?  
Keystone believes it is critical to work with the right person for your situation. Keystone does not see children under the age of 6 because there are specialists in our area that are truly talented in this segment of the population.  Keystone does not work with offenders of domestic violence, child abuse, or sexual abuse as well as any court ordered therapy.  Keystone has a list of therapists in our Resource section that specialize in these areas so that you are assured the best treatment possible.


Who will be involved in my treatment at Keystone?
At Keystone your treatment will be between you and your counselor.  If a Keystone therapist has a need to discuss your treatment with a third party involved in your care, you will be asked to sign a release of information giving the therapist permission to do so.


Do you prescribe medications at Keystone? 
Only a medical doctor can prescribe medication for your treatment. Keystone Health & Wellness consists of independent practitioners that are licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, and business professionals that are all Masters Degree holders. Medications can be prescribed through your primary care physician, gynecologist, or a psychiatrist.  Keystone will be glad to help you evaluate the need for medications and with a referral to a psychiatrist if needed.


Who has access to my records at Keystone?
At Keystone Health & Wellness only you and your therapist have access to your records.  You will not find a receptionist or office a manger because Keystone feels your care is a personal matter that should be kept private.


Who will handle my Billing at Keystone?
Billing at Keystone is handled directly with your therapist.  Your therapist will collect payment at the end of each session and handle any questions that are billing related.



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